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How the styling works

Given that we are using github pages to publish this blog each post is generated from markdown. That gives us limited scope for altering the style of each page as we won’t in general be adding in html to style particular elements.

As a result it’s useful to know what rules are in place to apply the style you see here to common elements that are generated through markdown. So this is a demonstration of how it works.

You can also look at the stylesheets.

This is a site heading.

You get it by using a single ‘#’ in front of your heading text in your markdown.

This is a page subheading.

To generate one of these use two hashes ‘##’ in front of your heading text. We don’t really have page headings/titles. It’s good practice to make the first page subheading the title of the page.

You can add another layer of subheadings

Using three or more hashes (‘###’, ‘####’, etc) will give the same heading style.

A markdown unordered list (using ‘*’s) will look like this:

  • This is the first item
  • This is the second item

We have also added styling for quotations (use a ‘>’ to start a quotation.

“It looks like this as quotations are meant to stand out.”

Everything else on this page is a paragraph which is the default tag that is given to free form text in markdown.

The font used in the headings is Oswald.