Confirmed identity

This pattern lets the user know we have confirmed their identity. This is part of confirming their identity when they sign in with a Government Gateway account for the first time.

When to use

Use this pattern when we can confirm the user’s identity.

There is also a pattern when we [could not confirm their identity]help users when we cannot confirm their identity.

How it works

Use the standard page template from your service and have the same:

  • header
  • phase banner
  • footer

The page should have:

  • ‘We have confirmed your identity – service name – GOV.UK’ as the page title
  • ‘We have confirmed your identity’ as the <h1> page heading
  • a ‘Continue’ call to action

We have confirmed your identity

Welsh translation of this example

Rydym wedi cadarnhau pwy ydych

Yn eich blaen

Do not use the confirmation page pattern. This is not the end of the user’s journey.


We need more research. If you have used confirmed identity, get in touch to share your research findings.

Discuss confirmed identity on GitHub

Help and support

Contact the Service Design Tools team in #team-sdt on HMRC Slack (open in app) or email us.