HMRC Design Patterns launched on 21 December 2018

HMRC is retiring Assets Frontend following the launch of HMRC Design Patterns. Assets Frontend is still available for services that use it but it will not be developed further. HMRC will maintain it and roll out major bug fixes and security patches.

For new projects that use the latest GOV.UK Prototype Kit, use HMRC Design Patterns to get patterns and code designed specifically for HMRC and for patterns not yet in the GOV.UK Design System.

HMRC Assets Frontend components and patterns

Only use these components and patterns for HMRC services built with Assets Frontend versions 3 and 4.

If you are maintaining a service that still uses an earlier version of Assets Frontend, use the Component Library.


The core styles that will make your service look and feel like GOV.UK. This includes Colour, Typography and Layout.

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Re-usable parts of the user interface.

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Best practice design solutions for specific user-focused tasks and scenarios.

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Help and support

Contact the Service Design Tools team in #team-sdt on HMRC Slack (open in app) or email us.