HMRC on GitHub


Welcome to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on GitHub. Here you can learn about the HMRC Multichannel Digital Tax Platform (MDTP), the citizen and company digital tax services hosted on the MDTP, and the Agile principles and practices that underpin our delivery of the MDTP.

The Multichannel Digital Tax Platform (MDTP)

The Multichannel Digital Tax Platform (MDTP) gives access to digital tax products that allow British citizens and companies to manage their tax affairs. The MDTP is a Platform As A Service (PaaS) that hosts 500+ Scala/Play microservices that represent 50+ citizen and company tax products.

Coding In The Open

HMRC has a firm commitment to Coding In The Open - developing, testing, building, and releasing code in such a way that the British taxpayer can observe and contribute to progress.

You can read our Coding In The Open Manual here: Coding In The Open Manual